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Robert Corrigan

(1816(17) – 1855)

            A farmer born 1816 or 1817 in County Tyrone (Northern Ireland), fourth of eight children of Patrick Corrigan and Grace McNult, all born in Ireland; married Catherine Mortin (Moreton), and they had two sons and a daughter; died 19 October 1855 in Saint-Sylvestre, Lower Canada, and was buried 27 October in Leeds, Lower Canada.

            Patrick Corrigan immigrated to Canada in 1831 and was later joined by his family.  They were Catholic, but Robert Corrigan converted to Anglicanism at an unknown date.  He acquired a lot and in 1852 or 1853 set up as a farmer on the Sainte-Marguerite concession in the eastern sector of Saint-Sylvestre, an area largely populated by Irish Catholics.  In 1851 Saint-Sylvestre’s population of 3,733 included 2,872 Catholics; the majority of these were Irish, but there were 1,061 French Canadians, some English and Scots, and about 10 Germans. Continue reading →

John Corrigan

(1926 – 1993)

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame – 1997 Builder Inductee

Born in Eastview (Vanier/Ottawa), Ontario, John Corrigan began his career in radio at CKOY, operating the equipment at night for no pay in order to gain experience in the industry.  At the same time, he was taking voice lessons from radio personality Lorne Greene, who was operating a training school for broadcasters.  In 1949, John’s dream came true, and he was hired as a radio announcer on the midnight shift at CKOY. Continue reading →

Ryan Corrigan – Hawksley Workman

(1975 – )

Hawksley Workman (born March4, 1975) is the stage name of Ryan Corrigan, a Canadian rock singer-songwriter who has garnered critical acclaim for his quirky yet accessible blend of cabaret pop and glam rock.

He was born in Bay Lake, Ontario, near Huntsville in the Muskoka north of Toronto, where he later moved to pursue his musical career.

His first album, 1999’s For Him and the Girls earned him comparisons to the likes of Tom Waits, Rheostatics and Harry Nilsson. Continue reading →

Patrick Corrigan

(1951 – )

The Toronto Star – Editorial Cartoonist

Born in the beaches area of Toronto in 1951, Patrick has been a resident of the city for most of his life. Studying at The Ontario College of Art, and not paying much attention led to a colourful career-path. Before becoming the editorial cartoonist for the Toronto Star in 1992, Patrick was The Toronto Star’s staff illustrator starting in 1983. Before that, he had been, variously, a taxi-driver, a proprietor of a health food store and a dishwasher on the CNR train to Winnipeg.

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