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Sir Dominic John Corrigan, Baronet, M.D.


            Dominic Corrigan was one of the first of the hitherto excluded talented Irish Catholics to come to the fore.  During his lifetime Dominic Corrigan gained an international reputation in medicine, he played a prominent part in national politics and he accumulated considerable wealth from his large practice.  These achievements are all the more remarkable when one considers that Corrigan did not have the type of patronage often thought essential for professional advancement in Victorian Ireland.  He was born in 1802 in the heart of the old city of Dublin.  His father was a merchant in Thomas Street and his house stood on a site where an Augustinian church stands today and where, in the past, Dublin’s medieval hospital of St John the Baptist was situated.  This hospital was suppressed by Henry VIII in the first wave of religious persecution.  In subsequent years the enactment of w whole range of penal laws made it virtually impossible for the native Catholic Irish to play an active part in the professional life of the country.  Towards the end of the eighteenth century these laws were relaxed and the new, more liberal approach by government opened up opportunities for young Catholics like Corrigan.

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Cappagh House

Finglas, Dublin, Ireland


Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital is Irelands’ major centre for elective orthopaedic surgery. Cappagh has been the pioneer of Orthopaedic Surgery in Ireland and is now the biggest dedicated Orthopaedic hospital in the country.

Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital is a Voluntary Hospital founded in 1908 under the care of the Religious Sisters of Charity. It was once renowned for its ‘Open Air’ wards and for its surgical treatment of children with TB from the 1920s. It is now an elective hospital with 160 beds, 11 of which are semi-private. The hospital provides the full range of Orthopaedic services including Major Joint Replacement (Ankle, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist), Spinal Surgery, Primary Bone Tumour service, Paediatric orthopaedics and Sports Injuries. The Orthotic Unit produces artificial limbs, braces and other aids for patients from all over the country. Continue reading →

Thomas Maurice Corrigan

(1924 – )

            Editor Mid-Ulster Mail, 1951.  Born Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, 4 August 1924, 4th child of Thomas and Alice Corrigan.  Education matriculation National University of Ireland 1941.  Married Eileen Murphy, children: Christine, 1954; Eileen, 1957; Fiona, 1960; Maurice, 1963.

            Entered journalism as reporter Mid-Ulster Mail, 1943; joined editorial staff Irish News Belfast, 1949; returned to Mid-Ulster Mail as editor 1951.  Clubs & associations: Killymoon Golf Club, past president and member Cookstown Credit Union.  Interests: Credit Union Movement.
(src:  Who’s Who What’s What and Where in Ireland)

Mairead Corrigan-Maguire

(1944 – )

Mairead Corrigan (Miss), a Northern Ireland social activist, was born January 27, 1944 in Belfast, Northern Ireland to Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Corrigan, her father being a window cleaning contractor.  Mairead had five sisters and two brothers.  She was educated at St. Vincent’s Primary School, Falls Road, Belfast, and then later graduated from Miss Gordons Commercial College in 1967 and occupied various secretarial positions in Belfast, 1959-76.  She married Jackie Maguire, 8 September 1981; 1 child, John Francis; stepchildren–Mark, Joanne, Marie-Louise. Continue reading →