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Dame Felicitas Corrigan OSB

(1908 – 2003)

Nun and Writer

Dame Felicita Corrigan was a Benedictine nun in the Order of Saint Benedict, author and humanitarian. “Dame” is not a title of honour but the monastic form of address, equivalent to the “Dom” used of monks.  Both terms have been in continuous use since the middle ages.

She was born Kathleen Corrigan, on March 6, 1908 into a large Liverpool family, and developed a talent as an organist. In 1933 she entered Stanbrook Abbey in Wiltshire as a nun, and eventually became director of its choir. One of her projects was to develop an English language version of the office of compline for the abbey. Continue reading →

Richard Corrigan

Richard Corrigan

Considered to be among the elite of the capital’s chefs, Richard Corrigan received a Michelin star in 1999 for his Soho restaurant Lindsay House, and has been awarded many other culinary accolades including Outstanding London Chef at the London Restaurant Awards in spring 2002. He has worked on numerous prestigious events including preparing lunch at 10 Downing Street for Tony Blair and the King and Queen of Jordan, and the Lord Mayor’s dinner at the London Guildhall. Continue reading →