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Free Settlers Papers



This small series, spanning the years 1828 to 1848, contains information relating to the relatives of transported convicts who were emigrated to join their convict relative at the expense of government. There is no separate hard copy finding aid and access to the information is through use of the transportation database described hereunder.

On the occasion of the Australian bicentennial celebrations in 1988 it was decided by the Irish government that a database be compiled containing all transportation register entries, as well as details of all Prisoners Petitions and Cases and Convict Reference Files (see above) which referred to those transported from Ireland. The records were microfilmed and a copy of the database and the microfilms were presented to the people of Australia as a gift from the Irish nation. A copy of the database is available in the Reading Room and on this web site and can be used to access the original records. Each entry can contain name of convict, any alias, date of crime, date of trial, place of trial, details of crime, sentence, and additional information such as name of ship, details of family, place of origin etc. It can be searched by surname (exact name or similar name), by crime and by name of ship.


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