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Corrigan Surname DNA Project



I would like to let you know that there is a Corrigan Surname DNA Project operating. This is for all variants of the surname. Carrigan, Carrogan, Currigan etc..

I thought clan members may be interested in joining the project, or may be interested in some of the results we arrive at. Its early days yet for the project, with families tested from Co Mayo, Co Cavan and Co Clare in Ireland, and Maryland, USA. The project are hoping for many more families to join this project.

By using y-DNA testing as a tool with our traditional genealogy research, the project will attempt to connect today's Corrigan lineages, find related family, and hopefully discover where these lineages originated. The project hopes to be able to break through the brick walls created by lack of paper records etc.

A person’s y-DNA is passed down the male line, from father, to son, to grandson, to great-grandson, etc. with very little change over many generations. A participant must therefore be a male on the Corrigan (or variant) line, or a line that you have genealogical evidence of being originally a Corrigan (or variant) male line. i.e. through a name change, adoption, etc. Female Corrigan's can ask a father, brother, grandfather, uncle, cousin or nephew etc. to test, to represent your particular family line.

The project is hoping this will be of interest and help to fellow researchers and interested family members of Corrigan/Carrigan (and variants).

Please visit the Corrigan Surname DNA Project website:

Frances James
Group Administrator
Corrigan Surname Project
[email protected]


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Corrigan Surname DNA Project
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