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Blazon of Arms



The Corrigan coat of arms illustrated is officially documented in Burke's General Peerage the original description of the arms (shield) is as follows:

ARMS:                       Or, a chevron between two trefoils slipped in chief
                                    vert and lizard in base proper.

                                    CHEVRON - one of the Honourable Ordinaries.

                                    COLOURS:     When translated the blazon also                                                            describes the original
                                                            colours of the arms as:

                                                            Gold; a green chevron between two                                                             green trefoils and a
                                                            naturally coloured lizard in base.

                                                                        Gold - Or - denotes generosity,                                                                                    valour
                                                                                   and perseverance.

                                                                        Green - represents hope,                                                                                      vitality
                                                                                     and plenty.

CREST:                  A sword in pale point downwards, in front thereof two
                               battle-axes in saltire
                               all proper.

MOTTO:                    CONSILLIO ET IMPETU

                                                Translation:                  ‘By Plan and Attack
                                                                 ‘To Council And To Charge’
                                                                 ‘By Council Not By Force’

(Several translations have been found in various sources.  The first is a translation by a professor of latin at the University of Ottawa)


These were the armorial bearings granted to Sir Dominic Corrigan, Bart. M.D., of Cappagh and Inniscorrig, County Dublin, Vice-Chancellor of the Queen’s University in Ireland and formerly M.P. for Dublin.  The grant was made on March 6, 1860.  These arms are essentially the traditional arms of the O’Corrigan family, which are of undetermined antiquity.



Chapter 3

What is Heraldry
The Origins of Heraldry
The Coat of Arms
Office of the Chief Harold
Blazon of Arms
Corrigan Coat of Arms
Armorial Grant
Ancient Armorial Bearings
Prefix Mac and O’
Irish Clans and Chieftanship