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Ancient Armorial Bearings



A more ancient armorial bearings are described in John O'Hart's, Irish Pedigrees (5th Ed., Vol 1, Pg 390)


            Arms:              Sa. Three fleurs-de-lis ar.

            Crest:              A church and spire ppr.

            Colours:          Black-Sable  depicted by crossed lines,                                      represents repentance or

                                    Silver-Argent or White  depicted by a white space,                                     represents serenity
                                    and nobility.

The Genealogical Office in Dublin, were unable to find the arms given in O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees either in that office or any of the other standard sources.  They were also unable to say or determine where O'Hart may have gotten his information.



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What is Heraldry
The Origins of Heraldry
The Coat of Arms
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Ancient Armorial Bearings
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