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  • Anonymous

    Welcome to our new site. Hope you enjoy. 
    Suggestions on improving the site? Please leave your comments here. 

  • Kerrysheilacorrigan

    My name is Kerry Corrigan and know very little of my heritage. I’ve really enjoyed browsing through your site.

    Is there anyway I can get involved and maybe learn more about my extended family? We have a strong Corrigan gene as we all look very alike.



  • Fjames2001

    I am Frances James, Admin of the Corrigan yDNA Project.

    We welcome all men of the name Corrigan/Carrigan/Currigan and variants to join our project.  We use yDNA as a tool with our traditional genealogy to find common ancestry and related families.  It can also show who you are not related to, eliminating false leads.

    We have a group of Corrigan men who match well with Maguires from Fermanagh, proving the ancinet history of a common descent.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, i am from London, its good to see the name in lights:) the only famous Corrigan i know of is Joe Corrigan the Manchester city and England Goal keeper, probabily wont mean anything to you USA guy’s? I have a daughter who is also named Kerri and a son Luke. My family are from the Derrygonnelly Corrigans and my father Sonny(micheal) is 86 the oldest male left as far as i know, his brother Paddy still lives and works the farm at cornerk(not sure of spelling) and his son Micheal will take over the farm from him

  • Anonymous

    Oooops i forget to mention the great Richard Corrigan as being famous i will visiting his restaurant on my 50th:) if i can help with your search please contact me

  • Info

    timothy corrigan and timothy patrick pennington blake corrigan listed on your site are the same person.

  • Gary Corrigan

    does this site still run?

  • RobertCorrigan

    Yes Gary it does. I haven’t updated in awhile though

  • Robert Corrigan

    Kerry, sorry for taking so long to respond.  Thanks for the comments and for the offer and will keep it in mind.  I wish someone out there would consider starting a Clan Association and then I could hand this site over as legacy to all that I have found out about the family.

  • Jadkc

    I am searching for descendants of Bernard Corrigan of Kansas City, who married Mary “Mamie” Shannon (his first wife). Mamie was older sister to my g-g-grandmother, Carrie Shannon Koogle. 

  • Joann Saner

    Hi Robert - Well done on your extensive work.  For those of us who come new to the search for members of the clan it is a heart warming place.  I have recently returned from my first visit to Ireland and am inspired to find those distant Irish relations … but it seems they disappeared under the radar.  so I am hoping that someone in the clan may help.  My Grandfathers name was Leslie Arthur Michael Corrigan Hollis. He was born in Southern Ireland (no town name or county given) on the 21st of May 1901. He was baptised on the 18th of February (no year written) in Johannesburg, South Africa.  His mother Dorothy Cumberland, was we think, but cannot prove, married to Edgar Arthur Corrigan.  We can find no trace of Edgar.  She married David Hollis in 1907.
    My question is which port did they (Edgar and Dorothy) leave Ireland - was it Belfast or Corbh (Queenstown).  Do you know of any ships that may have been on their way to Australia somewhere between 1898 and 1900?  Was Edgar a soldier? Was he a prisoner? Any input would be great.  Many thanks.  Jo Ann Saner.