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  • Violet_dargan

    My name is Violet Dargan.  My grandfather George Edward Louis Cummins is the nephew of the famous Jockey Thomas (Tommy Corrigan)  My Great Grandfather Robert Cummins married Thomas (Tommy) Corrigan’s sister Annie Alice Corrigan,  Annie and Robert Travelled to London from Ireland was married and a few days later they boarded the Indus and travelled to Australia to join the rest of the Corrigan family. 

  • Patrick Corrigan

    My name is Patrick Corrigan. My Mum (Eileen) and my Dad (Patrick) moved from Blackwater in Co. Wexford to England during the economic war of the 30s, when the british government stopped buying farm produce from Ireland due to the movement for a free Ireland.They married in Retford in Notts, and eventually settled in Plymouth in Devon. 

  • Marianne

    Message for Robert Corrigan,
    What a great site you have! I am very excited about having come across it. We share the same ancestors. My great maternal grandmother, daughter of Mathew and Helen Dayle was Ellen Corrigan married to John Alexander Kemp of Montebello. She married John Alexander Kemp. I have just started working on Ancestry.ca about a month ago, but found it impossible to pursue the Corrigan line as I did not have enough information.

  • Paula Corrigan

    Looking for in-laws beginnings  Ireland? in New York yes,in Dayton,Ohio,Yes..connection         first mounted policeman inDayton,OH Edward Corrigan.Anyone with answers anywhere?

  • Mcdonam

    I’m looking for descendants or relatives of Thomas Corrigan and his wife, Mary Duffy. Thomas was my grandfather. He was born in ~1902 and came to Canada in 1926 from Downpatrick Co. Down. He lived in Brantford, Ontario. Mary and her two children were left behind in Ireland. Thomas started another lineage here (!) - until he was found out and was marched back to Ireland in 1929 by the power of the state.Thomas likely had a brother who settled in North Bay, Ontario. Anyone have any info?

  • Alan Corrigan

    Remembrance Day, is upon us once again and I want all Corrigans to remember that many of our name lost their lives in the two Great Wars. Our brothers, died in the fields of France and we honour them and regret their loss. They came from all parts of the World and their source of stock was Ireland’s fair land. We shall never forget them.  

  • robert corrigan

    message for mary o brien of blackwater i now live in spain would to know if you ever completed the family tree of corrigans in blackwater and the uk .my e mail [email protected] robert corrigan in espania

  • Marianne Fournier

    Corrigan Clan of Montebello, New and different information for Robert Corrigan -
    I just received a letter written to my mother, Pearl Kemp, December 27th 1973, by my uncle, John Henry Kemp (son of John Collin Kemp and Ellen Corrigan).  He is unsure of dates and names.
    He writes that Judith Partland (his great grandmother) came to Canada, circa 1825 or earlier, a widow, with seven (7) sons. the eldest being about 18. She was sent to Montebello on a farm of the Papineau Seigneurie, neighbour of the Kemps. Four sons stayed in Canada. Matthew, Jimmy was neighbour to Matthew, the other (name unknown) on neighbouring farm where Caron, then Henri Thomas lived. The 4th (name unknown to him) must have stayed on the other farm near Lavictoire where Michel (father of Sigman) lived.

    Three (3) were recruted by an Irish priest to go to the States, a small village near Chicago (circa 1830). The family never heard from them again.

    I don`t know how reliable this informtaion is, but Uncle Henry was the eldest of the Kemp family, born in the 1890`s, Maybe you can comment on this. Thanks!

    Marianne Fournier (descendant of Matthew Corrigan)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ForbiddenPhotography Angelo Havoc

    my grandfather on my mothers side’s last name was spelled “crUson” could this have been a typographical error of the spelling “cuRson”? I know that documents were often difficult to read having read a fair share of census reports for my fathers geneology. I just can’t find anything on the name crUson but keep getting redirected to cuRson. you can email me at: [email protected] thanks a ton :)