Historical Roots


I am an indestructable fortress,
I am an unassilable rock,
I am a precious jewel.
Irish Prayer

Ireland:  Fertile and green, inhabited by fairies and elves, filled with song and wit, melancholy and hospitality. Whether you were born and raised in Ireland or you have just dreamed of waking up one morning with an Irish brogue and the gift of the gab, Ireland calls out to the citizens of the world like a siren song.

The Emerald Isle, isolated by the seas, includes all of us in the celebration of the best things in life:  a well-told story, a rich draght of Guinness, a horizon that stretches to North America, a beautiful language that has survived for centuries, a history of heroes and heroines, and best of all, a people know for their generous spirit.

‘History is systematically collected information about the past. When used as the name of a field of study, history refers to the study and interpretation of the record of humans, families, and societies as preserved primarily through written sources. History is thus usually distinguished from prehistory by the widespread adoption of writing in the area under study. Knowledge of history is often said to encompass both knowledge of past events and historical thinking skills.’