Patrick Corrigan

(1951 - )

The Toronto Star – Editorial Cartoonist

Born in the beaches area of Toronto in 1951, Patrick has been a resident of the city for most of his life. Studying at The Ontario College of Art, and not paying much attention led to a colourful career-path. Before becoming the editorial cartoonist for the Toronto Star in 1992, Patrick was The Toronto Star’s staff illustrator starting in 1983. Before that, he had been, variously, a taxi-driver, a proprietor of a health food store and a dishwasher on the CNR train to Winnipeg.

A pathetic wine snob, Patrick also enjoys golf, hockey, curling and windsurfing. He also enjoys resting up from all that activity. He miraculously survived his sentence as President of the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists.

Represented internationally by Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate and featured at Daryle Cagle’s ‘Professional Cartoonist Index.’

Three-time nominee for the National Newspaper Award, Corrigan has actually won thousands of awards including the Society of Newspaper Design, The New York Art Directors Club, The Advertising Design Club of Canada, and The Toronto Art Directors Club. The other 984 were actually golfing and curling awards…

Patrick attended Williamson Road Public School, Glen Ames Senior Public School and Malvern Collegiate Institute, and now resides on the Danforth with his marvellous wife of ten years, Sue-Ann Lewis, and a clutch of cats.

Patrick Corrigan has been the editorial cartoonist at the Star since 1995, a three-time nominee for the National Newspaper award in cartooning and has won many awards for his work as an illustrator in the 1980′-90’s. He studied fine arts at the Ontario College of Art and is past-president of the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists. His cartoons’ merciless lampooning of public figures and political baloney have been published around the world. Living in Toronto with his lovely wife Sue-Ann and a herd of cats, Patrick enjoys tennis, curling, and golf, and resting up from all that activity.