Kevin Corrigan

(1969 - )

Kevin Corrigan, a rising actor in the American film industry, and was born on March 27, 1969 in the Bronx in New York City to Kenneth and Carmen Leon Corrigan. He is of Irish and Puerto Rican decent and has one brother named Kenny.  His mother Carmen is an artist, and two of her paintings were used in Kevin’s film Walking and Talking.  In the scene where Kevin and Catherine Keener are on a couch,  there is a painting on the wall behind them next to the front door, it was painted by Kevin’s mother, and is a picture of the apartment building Kevin grew up in!

Kevin attended St. Brendan’s Catholic School in the Bronx as a child.  Later, Kevin was trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute, a family-run place where students can go and learn all about acting and how to improve their skills. Kevin had little experience before his training at the institute.  In fact, he looked up the school in the phone book as opposed to, say, auditioning.  He actually started acting at the age of sixteen. He was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his performance in ‘Walking and Talking’, but lost to Benicio Del Toro.  When he was just 17, Kevin’s play entitled ‘The Boiler Room’ won the Best Play Award at the New York Young Playwright’s Festival, and was produced by the same group. At one point of his life, Kevin wanted to be a priest.

Kevin’s entertainment preferences include the music of John Lennon, Jimmy Page, KISS (well, Ace Frehley, at least), Planet of the Apes and the film Mean Streets.  Speaking of Ace Frehley, he lived in the same neighborhood as Kevin and when Kevin was growing up he used to get free posters, etc. from Ace.  And also, speaking of the Planet of the Apes, Kevin is not just a fan, he actually owns some kind of collector piggy bank.

Besides being an actor, Kevin is also an experienced guitarist and has played in several bands, most recently, a band called ‘Skooby Douche’ in New York City.  Some of his guitar riffs were even used for the film Bandwagon!

Kevin is one of the many who parodies his indie image in the Independent Film Channel’s ‘Christie’ commercials, featuring young Hallie Eisenburg as Christie, a ‘director’.  He has worked with several of his acting idols, including Steve Buscemi, James Woods, Christopher Walen and Linda Blair.  He’s quiet and laid-back, so he hung out with outspoken people to prepare for his role as Jerry Rubin in Abbie!  Jerry Rubin is the first real-life person Kevin has portrayed.  He met his idol, actress Linda Blair, after filming The Exorcist 3.

Before taking the TV role of Frankie Spivak on Pearl, he worked mostly in film.  He has appeared in Men Don’t Leave, Billy Bathgate, True Romance, and Kiss of Death.  In 1996 he played alongside Pearl co-star Carol Kane in the films The Pallbearer, and Tree’s Lounge.


LOST ANGLES (Gata-a glorified extra);
THE LEMON SISTERS (kid who goes into store - very minor role);
THE EXORCIST 3 (alter boy);
GOODFELLAS (Michael Hill);
MEN DON’T LEAVE (Mike - minor role);
BILLY BATHGATE (Arnold - very minor role);
DEAD OR ALIVE: THE RACE FOR GUS FERACE (Jimmy - smallish role);
JUMPIN AT THE BONEYARD (Morty - a glorified extra);
ONE GOOD COP (Clifford);
ZEBRAHEAD (Dominic - minor role);
TRUE ROMANCE (Marvin - very minor role);
THE SAINT OF FORT WASHINGTON (Peter - very minor role);
KISS OF DEATH (kid selling Infinity - very minor role);
THE LAST GOOD TIME (Frank - minor role);
BAD BOYS (Elliott - very minor role);
LIVING IN OBLIVION (Maurice the assistant cameraman - good sized role);
THE PALLBEARER (cameo - pallbearer-a non speaking cameo);
WALKING AND TALKING (Bill, the ‘ugly guy’ - good sized supporting role);
TREE’S LOUNGE (Matthew - smallish role);
BANDWAGON (Wyn Knapp);
ILLTOWN (Francis, or Cisco);
DRUNKS (Cameo - very minor role);
SUBWAY STORIES (Filme ‘The Red Shoes’ - writer, small role);
KICKED IN THE HEAD (Redmond - a starring role);
HENRY FOOL (Warren - smallish supporting role);
BUFFALO 66 (Goon);
THE SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS (Elliot - supporting role);
LULU ON THE BRIDGE (Man with gun);
ABBIE (Jerry Rubin);

PEARL (1996-97, Frankie Spivak, supporting character);
HOMICIDE (Guest star, April 24/98);
FLOUR BABIES (an after-school special).

ANNA IN THE SKY (Narrator);