E. Gerald Corrigan

(1941 - )

            American banker, economist, and Ph.D.  Born 1941, Waterbury, Connecticut; ed. Fairfield and Fordham Universities; Group Vice-Pres. (Man. and Planning) Fed. Reserve Bank of New York 1976-80, Pres. Jan. 1985-; Skpecial Asst. to Chair., Bd. of Gov. Fed. Reserve System 1979-80; Pres. Fed. Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 1981-84; Trustee, Macalester Coll., St. Paul, Minn. 11981-, Jt. Council Econ. Educ. 1881-, Fairfield Univ., Fairfield, Conn. 1985-; mem. Council on Foreign Relations 1986-. Trilateral Comm. 1986-; Pres. B.R.I. 1991-.

(src:  International Who’s Who)